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Sri Nataraja Bed House

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We are one of leading manufacture of 100% pure and natural Silk Cotton beds(mattress) and pillows, Recron beds(mattress) and pillows, Foam beds(mattress) and Coir-Foam beds(mattress) with 30 years of experience, With high quality.

Silk Cotton Beds and Pillows

Silk Cotton
Natural - More comfort

Silk Cotton is God's natural gift, mattress produced by silk cotton will be more comfort

Reliance Recron Beds and Pillows

Reliance Recron
Fiber - Flexible

Recron Fibrefill a superior alternative to cotton and its more flexible. Pillows made with recron can wash.

Foam Beds

Flat surface

Faster speed of recovery of a foam to its original shape after a weight is removed.

coir and Foam Beds

Coir & Foam
Mattress for all season

Coir mattresses are a combination of coconut fiber and Foam, Which can used in all the seasons.